Palmac Tool, LLC pulls together three business units of Blackstone Global, Inc. to provide a unique set of solutions for the US government.

1. KokenUSA the North American wholesale distributor of Ko-ken tools of Japan

2. OSAAP Technologies is a developer of manufacturing solutions for foam- and plastic-tool control shadow boards and inlays for tools kits

3. Palmac Tool, LLC is an industrial distributor of tools and tool kit supplier

Core Competencies

  • Custom foam tool kitting
  • Koken master distributor
  • 15 individual tool brands under roof
  • Onsite tool experts
  • Onsite design team
  • Onsite foam milling & manufacturing
  • Regional Sales Managers available for in-person meetings
  • From concept to prototype 3 week average lead time


Our unique product combination provides Palmac Tool, LLC, with the ability to supply Koken tools, shadow boards, and tool kits directly from the source at the lowest possible price. We also have a secure solution for image capture, design, project management, and manufacturing of tool control shadow boards designed for the military and ITAR environments.